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5 Reasons to Teach English in Spain

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It is a matter of fact that people fall in love with Spain, whether you are a history and culture enthusiast, a beach lover or food and drink connoisseur, this country's wonderful diversity fills and enlightens the senses. A place which offers everything from snow-topped mountains to sun-filled Mediterranean coves, towns and cities influenced by the greatest cultures and individuals in history, all surrounded by an amazingly relaxed atmosphere which then transforms at night. All of this should be more than enough to tempt people to teach English in Spain, but for those who need convincing further, here are my top 5 reasons for choosing Spain:

1. The People 

Spaniards are genuinely friendly and social people; a culture of cafes, bars and fiestas ensures this is the case and gives great opportunities to get involved and meet the locals. And on a whole the locals are welcoming to foreigners, especially with those who make the effort to speak the language. By immersing yourself in the Spanish way of life you are certain to meet new people and in no time at all you will have a hectic social life outside of the classroom. 

2. The Climate

Spainís position as the 2nd most visited country in the world is a result of numerous factors, one of which has to be the climate. With blue skies for more than 250 days of the year, it is a world away from the doom and gloom of the UK and fellow Northern European nations. Spainís beauty glistens in the sunshine and in my opinion it certainly has a causal effect on the whole positive and passionate atmosphere which exists across the majority of the country, Spain feels like a happy place to be. 

3. Opportunities

Although Spain has so many international visitors, on a whole, the nation has one of the least foreign language speaking populations. And this means, as English proficiency becomes increasingly important in many aspects of modern life, that there are a large number of teaching opportunities, and the market will not find itself over-saturated at any time soon. 
4. Travel
Wanting to teach English abroad obviously means that you are keen on travel and exploring the world and Spain is a fantastic starting point. As mentioned previously there is such a variety of scenery and each corner of the country provides something new to discover. And whilst working in Spain you are also ideally located to explore even further afield; for example neighbouring France and Portugal, Northern Africa a short hop across the Med and thanks to an extensive transport network the rest of Europe is easily accessible. 
5. Unique Experience
Teaching abroad is like no other job. Here you will learn as much as you teach. You are not experiencing Spain from a hotel or bus tour, but as a member of the community embracing all of which it has to offer. If you only have basic Spanish skills when you leave, you certainly will not when/if you return home; in order to communicate and survive these skills will develop at a rapid rate. You will learn about traditional customs, discover cuisine you never knew existed and become reinvigorated by this fascinating way of living.
Teaching in Spain is an opportunity of a lifetime, and one that could change your life forever.


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