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So youíve decided itís time to seek out some fun in the sun?

Here are some off-the-beaten track suggestions to get the most out of your trip to Spain!


If you find yourself sick of gazing at Gaudíís oeuvre and traipsing all over Barcelona to take your happy snaps of la Sagrada Família, Casa Milà (La Pedrera), and Park Güell, then hereís a great suggestion. The wonders never cease in Barcelona, and especially not at El Bosc de les Fades (Fairy Tale Forest) a unique bar that caters for both the young and the young-at-heart. Situated next to the wax museum (Museo de Cera) in an alley that twists and turns, itís well worth the search when you emerge in a woodland setting, complete with a waterfall, all indoors at perhaps one of Europeís most magical cafes. Donít fret if the lights go out and a thunderstorm blows through, itís all part of the hourly theatrics.


Watch a football match. Not that this is really a creative cultural experience, everyone knows about the Spanish passion for the game. But a hidden hint, just try your luck sweet-talking at the ticket counters of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Ė and who knows? You might even be able to score yourself a free ticket to the match! A working knowledge of Spanish isnít even necessary for this feat, just a bit of courage and a lot of luck!


Treat yourself to an affordable pair of top quality flamenco shoes in the city thatís arguably Spainís flamenco capital, but whatever you do Ė donít eat the oranges that grown in abundance along the streets! They are incredibly bitter, despite their deceptively sweet smell!


Youíd be excused for thinking that buying your tickets to the Alhambra was akin to searching for the Holy Grail. This renowned world heritage site is also renowned for its exceptionally long queues, and only those who wake up at the crack of dawn are able to acquire the entrance passes. Hence there are a lot of haggard-eyed tourists dumbfoundedly trying to take in all the magnificence of this former Moorish palace and fortress complex. But thereís an easier way Ė donít wait in the line if youíve got a credit card with a P.I.N and are willing to pay a slight surcharge. If youíre waiting in the line for three or more hours and you hear a repeated multilingual announcement, clear in Spanish but then masked by static in all other languages, what itís saying is that the cash machines are located to the right of the counters. Just make sure you know your P.I.N and youíve won yourself an extra hour of sleep.

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Latest update: September 4, 2012