3 unique destinations to visit in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
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3 Unique Destinations You Must Visit In Mallorca, Spain

Port of Soller in Mallorca, Spain

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Many travelers head to Mallorca for its beautiful beaches and private coves, overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea. Foodies head to the island for the delicious Mallorcan cuisine, served with the best Spanish wines. However, this Balearic Island has many other attractions for the visitor. Whether visiting as a romantic couple, or on a family holiday in Mallorca, these unique and unusual must-see places should be on your itinerary, including La Granja de Esporles, the Necropolis of Son Real and a colourful, graffiti-strewn abandoned hotel in Sant Joan de Labritja.

1. La Granja de Esporles, Esporles, Mallorca

La Granja de Esporles, Esporles, Mallorca
Image by Derbrauni/Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful 17th-century manor house gives a perfect glimpse into old-world life in Mallorca. Nestling close to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, this palatial country house has been turned into an open-air museum. La Granje gives a taste of the life of a 17th-century noble family and their staff.

The manor house is set in a sprawling estate, surrounded by beautiful private gardens, an on-site restaurant, working wine cellar and a terrace café. The museum gives a glimpse into both noble and working-class life in Mallorca 500 years ago. Visitors can explore the luxurious drawing room, but also the workers’ quarters and the areas where textiles, grains and perfumes were processed. For those with daring, the manor house even has a torture chamber with nightmarish exhibits.

La Granja de Esporles, Esporles, Mallorca
Image by Derbrauni/Wikimedia Commons

In the gardens, a natural waterfall, known to the ancient Romans, still falls, while stately botanic gardens and a pleasure to stroll. The highlight of the property is a yew tree that is said to be 1,000 years old. Meanwhile, the on-site restaurant serves traditional Mallorcan food and a visitors can head to the sampling shop, which offers a range of fig bread, preserves and wines to take home as a souvenir.

2. Necropolis of Son Real, Santa Margalida, Mallorca

Necropolis of Son Real, Santa Margalida, Mallorca
Image by Manuycristobal/Wikimedia Commons

This largest prehistoric cemetery in the Balearic Islands dates back more than 2,500 years. The Necropolis of Son Real is set just steps from the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Mallorca. The sprawling prehistoric burial ground is said to have been used from the Iron Age and right through the Roman era.

The oldest tombs date back to the 7th century BC, during the Talaiotic culture of the islands. So far, more than 130 tombs have been discovered, containing the human remains of more than 300 people. Many of the later tombs, from around the 5th century BCE, are unusually shaped and resemble small ships or horseshoes.

Necropolis of Son Real, Santa Margalida, Mallorca
Image by Kai-Christian Bruhn/Flickr

The necropolis lay abandoned for centuries, but was rediscovered in the middle of the 20th century, when excavations and renovation began. Among the artifacts found at the site are weapons, pottery and bones, as well as the evidence of burial rites, which suggest the necropolis was used by a number of different cultures over the years. The remains of weapons, shells, jewelry, musical instruments and food have been discovered in the tombs. Many of these artifacts can be seen in the Museu Monogràfic de Pollentia in Alcudia.

3. Abandoned Hotel at Cala d’en Serra, Sant Joan de Labritja

Abandoned Hotel at Cala d’en Serra Sant Joan de Labritja
Image by stavros1/Wikimedia Commons

The abandoned hotel was originally set to become a luxurious resort. These days a popular location for graffiti artists, the building is gradually being reclaimed by nature.

In 1969, architect Josep Lluis Sert was chosen to build a luxury resort in this perfect location, overlooking a picturesque beach. The architect was chosen after he returned from decades of exile in the United States. However, in 1970, construction was halted for several years. Eventually, the development was abandoned when Sert passed away in 1983.

Discussions were held as to whether the hotel should be completed according to the original design, or if the structure should be demolished. However, neither option was taken up and the building was left to crumble.

Abandoned Hotel at Cala d’en Serra Sant Joan de Labritja

The entire structure now features graffiti from a number of intrepid artists, which has made it a fascinating site for art lovers. However, the spot also offers beautiful views over the nearby beach. Visitors are warned that the building is best viewed from outside, as it would be unsafe to enter. There is a parking area close to the beach, around a 10-minute walk away.

Enjoy these unique and fascinating locations on your next trip to Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain!


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