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Balearic Island Sailing day trip from Mallorca to Menorca
While visiting the Island of Mallorca why not take a spectacular private sailing day trip over to Menorca.....Read more...Tours in The Balearic Islands

Top Five Attractions to Visit on Holidays in Menorca   by Brenda Jaaback

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Menorca is a magical and exotic island, with towns full of Spanish vibrancy and calming shores lapped at by the endless blue of the Mediterranean. 

The island provides much more than just incredible sandy beaches and great natural beauty; the attractions on offer are interesting and diverse. We examine the top five places and activities to see and do on a holiday in Menorca, giving you a flavour of this amazing island…

5. Cales Coves

Cales Coves are a short drive from the capital of Mahon, the Cales Coves offer tourists on holiday in Menorca the chance to truly explore. The Coves were once burial chambers for the island's people, and there is supposed to be ancient treasure buried in some of the many chambers and caves in the cliffs. While any treasure that was there is almost certainly gone now, the caves still make for an exciting experience - with no maps, guides or tours, it's up to you and a strong torch to do the exploring.

Turquoise Waters at Marcarella, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Turquoise Waters at Marcarella
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4. Xoriguer Distillery

Intermittent British rule during the 18th century gave the island new tastes in food and drink, specifically creating a love of producing and drinking gin. The Xoriguer distillery dates from the 18th century, and is a great historical site even for tee-total visitors. Take a guided tour of the huge copper stills and fermenting process to find out more about a process that has now been continuing here for hundreds of years. Over eighteens may also wish to sample the unique blends that the distillery provides, and can take a taste of their Menorcan holiday home in some of the products sold in the shop.

3. Los Delfines Aquapark

If a distillery doesn't get the family out of your Menorcan villa and into exploring the island, the Los Delfines Aquapark certainly will. Pull on your swimsuit and jump right into the exciting water rides and fun flumes. A favourite on holidays in Menorca, the water park offers features like "The Giant Toboggan", "Adventure River", "The Black Hole" and many Hydrotubes. A must for families, children and big kids of all ages.

2.  S'Albufera des Grau

This nature reserve is a great place to enjoy and explore while on holiday in Menorca. Full of hundreds of interesting specimens of native flora and fauna, the reserve is relaxing and peaceful; a picturesque stretch of scrubland, wetlands, coasts and cliffs. It is also perfect of birdwatchers on holidays in Menorca - the area attracts over 100 species of birds at different times in the season.
Mahon Harbour, Menorca (Minorca), Balearic Islands, Spain, Mediterranean
Mahon Harbour, Menorca (Minorca), Balearic Islands
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1. Mahon

Mahon is the island's capital city and a must on any holiday to Menorca. 

The city has been the centre of Menorcan culture and history since the Punic wars of Ancient Rome, and as such is a melting pot of interesting Menorcan historic buildings and museums; of stylish and rustic restaurants serving the local cuisine; of boats and ships riding at anchor and of bars and clubs echoing with fun and excitement. 

The city has something for everyone on a holiday in Menorca, and is a wonderful port of call at any point in your holiday on the island.

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About the Author - Brenda Jaaback is the Managing Director of Bartle Holidays. They can provide you a choice of hand picked Menorca villas, resorts and retreats in prime locations for all your family holiday needs.


Latest update: June 25, 2013