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Travel Article - Spectacular Dive Sites On Lanzarote  by Helmut Mueller 

Lanzarote Hotels  /  Self-Catering Accommodation in Lanzarote

To many it is unknown that Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in Europe, is mentioned to have some of the most beautiful scuba dive sites of the northern half of the hemisphere. Having four seasons underwater in contradiction to two seasons above water Lanzarote offers an enormous variety of fish (over 500 different species), coral, caverns, caves, overhangs, lava flows and wrecks. Dives are made directly from the shore and are done by boat on Lanzarote. 
The famous Cathedral 

An awesome void in the main reef, which derived from molten lava flow, presents us with this spectacular dive. The cavern is 30 metres in length, but at its mouth 20 metres wide and 10 metres high. After exploring the magic of the Cathedral, come up over the top, and swim through your own bubbles streaming through the sand. This cavern is home to black coral, set deep at the back, and the roof is lined with keeled barnacles and tubeworms. Eagle rays, stingrays and angel sharks are often found tucked against its walls, with dotted and brown morays coiled in its crevices. Watch for a curious grouper on your exit. 

The interesting Blue Hole 

Situated on the southern side from Playa Chica, and easily accessible from the shore, the Blue Hole is unique in the fact it was formed from volcanic activity. The lava tube is atop the reef at 22 metres, has 7 metres in width, and emerges at 32 metres. There are possibilities of discovering the shrimp and grouper caves at the foot of the Blue Hole. Large resident groupers patrol the bottom of the tube, and shoals of barracuda hover near the top. Atlantic stingrays nestle in the recesses of the reef, and because of the abundance of small fish aside the wall, hunting amberjacks are common. And don’t forget those shrimps! 

Coral Formations and Underwater Diver, Cozumel Island, Caribbean Sea, Mexico
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Scuba Dive Courses 

Lanzarote is also an ideal place to do apprentice scuba diver courses as you can enter the sea from shore. Beautiful little bays and the main reef very near to the shore take care of easy entry and exit points. For experienced divers there are many nice dive sites and also other challenges as all the PADI courses are on offer. From National Geographic Diver courses, Advanced and Rescue courses to Divemaster and Instructor courses. Also PADI Specialty courses like Diver Propulsion Vehicle (underwater scooter), Digital Fotography, Nitrox and Trimix are possible.


Lanzarote Hotels  /  Self-Catering Accommodation in Lanzarote

About The Author  - Helmut Mueller is an experienced diver who visited Lanzarote in January 2006 and did his PADI DSAT Trimix Course with M.A. Diving on Lanzarote

Latest update: September 17, 2012