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Spain By Car   by Peter Wilson

While there are many different ways one can choose to travel through Spain, there is really nothing that compares to being in charge of the travel time and stops along the way. While many people prefer to save money and choose public transportation, they have little control of the stops, duration of stops and schedule of the transport. But if you really want to be able to experience a country, the best way is to do it by car. Once you have a car hire, you can tour the area on your own time, and make any stops in any locations for as long as you would like. You could even circle the roundabouts just enjoying the view. Many people fear driving in foreign countries and are worried they may not understand the driving atmosphere, but Spain is a very laid back country, and you will even be able to relax as you drive, when you see mountains and sparking waters all along your travel. If you have a love for souvenirs from your travels, a car has the added bonus of giving you somewhere to keep all your things. Also, if you are wandering through town and someone mentions a great place to go sight seeing you don't have to worry about how to get there, you can go on your own.

Hiring a Car

Getting a car for your travels in Spain is very easy. There are a number of car hire companies that are offering their services to visitors staying in the region. If you are flying into a particular airport, you will likely be able to set up a car hire from a company that operates out of the airport terminal. If you prefer a car hire that is in town, they will often shuttle you from the airport to their location where you will pick up your vehicle. Since the car hire business has become very popular with visitors, there are a wide variety of vehicles that are available. For one person or a couple, you may prefer a sporty car that will allow the top to be put down as you travel across the countryside. If you have a larger group there are many larger vehicles that can accommodate families of all sizes.

Online Car Hire Deals

The best way to get a good deal on a car hire is to have the car hire set up long before you ever arrive in Spain. Many of the car hire companies are online and you can search through their offerings from your home computer. Many have special offers for particular vehicles or travel times. Take a look at all their specials and compare prices between companies. Also before you make a reservation, make sure the price you are seeing includes all taxes and other fees. Those can make a big difference in the end price of a car hire. To make things easier once you arrive in Spain, you can often take care of payment for the car and set up insurance and all the other aspects you need to deal with before you ever arrive by filling out all the information online.


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