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10 things you MUST remember before jetting off on holiday

Planning your next holiday can be a very exciting time, but there is so much to think about beyond dreaming of lying on the beach, or hiking through the jungle. 

Whatever your dream destination may be, someone needs to take responsibility for the ďboring bits!Ē If you are the one tasked with the, how shall we put it, more important items like planning and admin, here are some top tips for things to remember so you can all have a great time. Your family with thank you for it!

1. Travel Advice

Wherever you are heading off to, check online for the latest travel advice for your destination.  This is particularly important if you are travelling somewhere exotic or where there are certain areas which should be avoided.  Make sure that you check this regularly in the days leading up to your departure so that you know what to expect on arrival.

2. Insurance

Remarkably, a quarter of all holidaymakers travel without travel insurance!  Not having sufficient insurance can land you with incredibly expensive medical bills if something happens whilst you are away.  Ensure you have taken out adequate travel insurance and read the small print of any policy carefully to ensure you are properly covered for your time abroad.  The Telegraph has a great section on finding the right insurance before you travel.

3. Plan the Details

Ensure that you have properly planned transport to and from the airports and that if you need to arrange transfers at either end, this is done well in advance of your arrival.  No one likes to get off a night flight only to find there are no taxis waiting! 
4. Using Your Mobile
Using your phone when abroad can be costly so make sure you get the right plan and coverage.  Even if you just plan to use your mobile to let family and friends know that you have arrived safely, make sure that you plan in advance. You can find guidance for roaming when abroad from a number of different sources, so read up about it to make sure that you donít cost yourself money you could have avoided spending! There are loads of networks that provide great deals.
5. Money
Make sure that you take enough money to cover the things you want to do, and have access to some emergency funds just in case. Also, donít forget to take the right currency (many people forget!)
6. Local Laws & Customs
Research local laws and customs before you go away.  Pleading ignorance wonít help you if you get into any kind of trouble whilst you are away!
7. Language
Learn a little bit of the language, you will be surprised how impressed local people will be and you never know. Hey, you might find you have unexpected linguistic talents!  If you are going somewhere which is slightly off the beaten track knowing a few handy phrases can also be incredibly helpful.  Donít assume that everyone can speak English! The BBC have some great online language testers for you to try.
8. Luggage
Weigh your luggage before you get to the airport.  Who wants to be landed with extra charges, or have to remove unnecessary items from their suitcase in the middle of the airport?
9. Passport & Documents
Copy or scan your important documents such as your passport.  That way, if it gets misplaced or stolen you have access to an electronic copy which will help with returning home.
10. Local Area
Itís a good idea to have a quick look at the local areas, especially if you plan to take part in any excursions.  Booking ahead can result in a better deal for you, and also means that you can plan out your holiday so you are making the most of your time away.


Home  /  Travel Guide

Latest update: April 2, 2019