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Barcelona by Night Panoramic City Tour and Live Flamenco Show with Dinner
On this private chauffeur driven evening half day tour you will get an overview of the Cosmopolitan City of Barcelona by night and then dinner or drink only with a live Flamenco show... Read more

Home Away from Home

Barcelona Hotels  /  Self-Catering Accommodation in Barcelona  /  Travel Guide

If you were ever thinking of somewhere to put down roots as a second home then Barcelona wouldnít exactly be too shabby a choice. One of Spainís most revered cities offers a huge depth of culture and history along with many modern attractions including shopping, fine dining and evening entertainment. Perhaps the only thing drawing you back from living their permanently is the cost of living in general, but there are ways around that.
Keen travellers will be more than aware of where most of their expenditure is likely to go so and typically that is flights. Whenever you browse for holiday deals online youíll often come across some advertising promising a dream holiday for peanuts, but thatís before various taxes and add-ons are applied. I often fall for the odd Groupon email that I get offering a 4 night stay for two in a 5 star resort for £299, but when I reach the T&Cís that excludes flights. Further research on the matter shows Iím looking for a further £200 or so per person on return flights. All of a sudden a cheap getaway is looking less likely.

So what are the tricks of getting around such things? When it comes to flights there isnít too much you can do, though purchasing one way tickets from different airlines can offer some financial relief. 

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
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Popular belief is that by booking your holiday really early or literally last minute can provide you with a good deal on package holiday, and much of the time this is the case. However, many backpackers often find that piecing together a holiday themselves can help lower the cost despite having a lot more planning to do. Using that method you can eliminate high cost hotels, especially when visiting cities, and the hostels in Barcelona are favoured accommodation with many tourists because of the lows cost yet high standards.

Barcelona is a busy and bustling city and if you are looking to sample as much as possible during your time there, then prices will ultimately be high. This means that trimming pounds in other areas like accommodation and flights is the first step to making sure you can enjoy as much of the city without busting the bank. Cheap accommodation in Barcelona is certainly available due to the fact that enjoys great numbers in terms of tourism, this means competitive rates will exist around the city.

Everybody has the own tried and tested methods for shaving money off their holidays, but itís always helpful to consider other things people try in order to make sure you get the best value holiday possible.

Barcelona Hotels  / Self-Catering Accommodation in Barcelona  /  Travel Guide


Latest update: September 20, 2013