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How To Holiday In Spain And Come Back With More Money Than You Left

Traveling can be expensive especially if you want to spend a few months doing so. Even if you tried to live on the cheapest budget you would still need several thousand euros to do so. This is especially true if you were to travel to some of the more Western countries of Europe where the standard (and subsequently cost) of living is generally quite high. There are a few strategies you could employ to successfully travel in a country like Spain where it would be possible for you to not only be able to see much of what the country has to offer for cheap, but it may even be possible for you to return back home with more money than when you started your adventure! The experts at are all about helping people make more money and theyíve compiled the following advice to help the potential travelers out there stay in control of their finances during their globe-trotting: 

Old Pastry Shop Facade on Las Ramblas, Barcelona, SpainThe way to do this is to find some work which would not only pay you but where you could potentially live and eat for free. There are many temporary jobs that are available, especially in the tourist season, where you could find a paying job which included accommodation and food. Although to work in Spain you officially need a work visa which is another challenge altogether, but once acquired you will discover a plethora of jobs that donít require high skills or a lot of prior experience or qualifications. These are the jobs sectors that permit the working tourist to fit into their new environment with little difficulty. 

A few examples of the type of job that you could hope to find would be working on a farm or restaurant, or if you have a good understanding of Spanish you can even find an easy living teaching English. Bars are another place you could find temporary work during the tourist season, especially if the tourists happen to cater to the English speaking tourist crowd. Hotels and hostels too hire temporary non skilled staff during the tourist season. Another good way to see Spain is finding a job as an Au pair where you look after the house and the children of a house. 

Though not all of the jobs that you could find offer food and staying quarters, jobs with hotels and hostels do so. Working on a farm you may be able to get your self-accommodation and food however the price comes as hard manual work for long hours. Working in bars during the tourist season may pay more in terms of tips but this job might not have any accommodation. There are pros and cons to every avenue you pursue and itís up to you to make a decision on what suits you and will let you enjoy your time in Spain.


Home Page  /  Travel Guide

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