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The Pyramids of The Canary Islands   by Allex Wilson

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The Canaries, Spain that is located towards the south in proximity to the northwest coast of Africa is known for its balmy climate, year-round sunshine, diversity of landscapes, snow-covered mountains, impressive volcanoes and beautiful beaches. In fact, Tenerife, the largest island on the Canaries is a enticement for visitors but only few potential tourists to the place are aware about the six step pyramids that they can explore on the island at Guimar.

Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl was a famous Norwegian Explorer who initiated to draw the world's attention to these pyramids to the early 1990s. Thor Heyerdahl then moved to live in Tenerife in the year 1994. He dedicated his entire life into studying these pyramids until he passed away in the year 2002.

Las Teresitas Beach, Near Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, AtlanticAstronomy

The Canary Islands' Institute of Astrophysics has made some potential investigation in the field of astronomy connection of these pyramids. According to the studies they performed, these pyramids have been aligned according to summer and winter solstices.


Excavations by various archaeologists were made between the years 1997 to 1998. Under one of the pyramids a cave was exposed that was about 26 feet long and enclosed some human remains that dated to the time of pre-Hispanic age. Pre-Hispanic age belongs to the Guanches.


According to Thor Heyerdahl's theory, the pyramids of Guimar has been built by pre-European voyagers who used the same method as used by the ancient Mesopotamia and Mexico, Peru for the development of Pyramids.

Fred Olsen

Fred Olsen, one of the Thor Heyerdahl's friends bought the site of these pyramids in the year 1998 and set up a museum with exhibits Heyerdahl's theories regarding these pyramids.

About The Pyramids

Holidays to Tenerife Island in the Canaries will be incomplete without visiting Guimar. The place is located over the border between the dry south and green north. Guimar is a place of great importance as it can create important information about the Guanches that has initially settled here.

Keeping in view the safety and preserving of these pyramids, they have been carefully reconstructed keeping in mind the original layout so that visitors can see the actual magic of the pyramid building while they have a walk inside. No climbing is allowed on the pyramids. It was only the efforts of Thor Heyerdahl and his friend Fred Olsen who persuaded the authorities to seal the area in 1990s. A similar structure was created nearby making sure that the location points the sun during the winter and summer solstices. 

Accommodation in the Canary Islands - More Travel Articles


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Latest update: September 4, 2012