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The Rise and Rise of The Canary Islands

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Over recent decades the tourism industry across the picturesque Canary Islands has exploded; the influx of visitors from across the whole of Europe and often further afield has been extraordinary, and what is even more remarkable is the number of returning tourists, some which head to these sun-kissed shores year after year without a thought for the numerous alternative holiday destinations. But what exactly is it that lures the millions of visitors each year; is it the astonishingly diverse landscapes throughout the islands? Or is it simply the year-round great weather? Or perhaps the great value of a Canary Island Holiday. In my opinion it is all of the above, but most importantly it is the infrastructure and development of top class facilities that keeps us coming back, top of which is the variety of accommodation available throughout the region.
Each of the 7 Canary Islands has its unique qualities and attractions with the one constant being unbelievable beauty, and each island/resort also attracts a certain clientele; whether it be families, sports enthusiasts, hikers or party goers. For example, Fuerteventura is famous for its water sports due to its breezy conditions, Playa de las Americas is the party capital of Tenerife, and the smaller island of La Gomera is primarily a destination for walkers or day visitors from Tenerife. 

Whatever the reason for your visit to the Canary Islands one thing is for sure; you will not be short of accommodation choices, whether you are on a budget, looking for family orientated lodgings, boutique hotels or a taste of luxury there are plenty of options, particularly across Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Hotels in Tenerife provide all of the modern amenities one would expect, often in spectacular surroundings, such as the Barcelo Santiago; beautifully located in the southern are of Los Gigantes, the facilities are unrivalled in the area and could be the perfect spot for your summer getaway. 

Santa Cruz De La Palma, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, Atlantic
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Fuerteventura is an island less exposed to the thriving tourism trade than its bigger relatives but nonetheless has so much to offer its visitors. As mentioned it is a water sports paradise with golden beaches and ideal weather conditions, but it also has holds on to a taste of Canarian culture; with quaint villages and stunning landscape. Hotels in Fuerteventura have adapted well to the idea of eco-friendly development, keeping levels to a minimum so as to maintain the aesthetics of the island. Numbers of visitors are ever increasing and as they do more and more accommodation is appearing; so once again you will not struggle to find the perfect place to spend your holiday on the jewel of the canaries. 


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Latest update: December 9, 2013