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Travel insurance for peace of mind when on holiday

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When organising a holiday or business trip, it is always a good idea to plan ahead for any unexpected eventualities.  While we hate to think about it, it is all too easy to be affected by crime when visiting countries suffering from economic crises or, heaven forbid, be involved in an accident of some kind.  Events of this nature can not only ruin your holiday trip, but they can also hurt your pocket by having to cough up untold amounts of money once you return home.
For more mature travelers, it is always good to organize an over 50's travel insurance policy to cover such eventualities, ensure peace of mind and a great holiday.  What aspects of this policy should you bear in mind to ensure that you get the best cover, but in a way that is affordable and economical?  Here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Annual Cover

Are you one of those lucky people who travels a lot during the year?  If you are, really plan ahead by taking out annual travel insurance cover.  This type of policy not only takes the hassle out of future travel plans during that year, but also saves you money.  The only potential drawback is that this kind of policy only covers trips of up to 31 days maximum each.  For retirees wishing to spend a little longer on those warm, sunny beaches, this might not be the best option.

Sunset at the beach
Photo CC-by-SA Luan o

Medical and Health

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition that might potentially give you problems while you are away?  When organising your travel insurance, be honest with your broker, tell them upfront that you have such a condition. While some companies levy an additional, if small, premium for certain medical conditions, honesty is always the best policy as any problems you might experience without this disclosure could make future claims null and void.

Of course, if you are an EU resident, traveling within Europe, it is also important to apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which offers you local, state-provided medical treatment should any health problems hit while you are away.  The fact you are holding an EHIC would normally also waive any excesses on your travel insurance for medical problems.  Always remember, however, that the EHIC is not an alternative to actual travel insurance and will not cover private healthcare services overseas.
  Photo CC-by-SA Nentor oseku
Extreme Sports

Those over 50 normally plan for a quieter and more relaxing type of holiday, but occasionally there is a mature dare devil or two wanting to participate in extreme action sports while enjoying a trip to foreign lands.  Mountain climbing or white water rafting come to mind, or possibly scuba diving or paragliding into the wide blue yonder.  When organising your travel insurance, rather let the company know up front what you are planning to do, to ensure you have adequate cover.

Travel Luggage

Another aspect that most people donít think of when traveling is whether their travel luggage is already covered by their household insurance policy.  Check the details, as if it is covered, this could be a potential saving when booking your travel insurance

Traveling in a Group

Are you travelling with a group of people, either a bunch of friends or family members?  A potential saving could be made by taking out a group policy instead of single cover.

In conclusion, think ahead to ensure both peace of mind and potential savings when planning your holiday and have a marvelous time.


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Creation date: October 15, 2014