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Extremadura, Spain Travel & Accommodation Guide

Hotels in Trujillo in Extremadura, Spain

View from Castle of Trujillo, Caceves, Extremadura, Spain, Europe
Trujillo - A beautiful small town with many restaurants and bars.  Perched on a hill some 580 meters above sea level, dominating an extensive plain between Extremadura's two major rivers the Tagus and the Guadiana, lie the Towers of Trujillo. Trujillo is crowned by its Moorish Castle, built on Roman foundations, ramparts and fortifications.
Just a few miles from Monfragüe's National Park, Trujillo sits in a privileged location. It is merely 47 km from Cáceres, one hour by car from Guadalupe, 90 km from Mérida, Plasencia and Navalmoral de la Mata. Easy connection with Madrid is made possible by a motorway, the A-5, stretching for 250 km... read more
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Hotel Isla del Gallo, Trujillo
The hotel is situated on the main part of the typical trujillana house from the XVII and XVIII century, totally rehabilitated respecting the original structure. Located in the centre of Trujillo (Caceres), 2 hours away from Madrid and close to el Parque Natural de Monfrague.  Trujillo is an excellent base from which to explore the most important towns of Extremadura and is just 254 km from Madrid. Nearby places of interest include: Natural Park of Monfrage (40 km) Cceres (46 km) Guadalupe (80 km) Plasencia (90 km).  The hotel offers buffet breakfast and continental cuisine as well as a wide variety on the menu at the restaurant.  Guests can work out at the gymnasium or relax at the refreshing sauna and swimming pool. 
NH Palacio Santa Marta Hotel Trujillo
An emblematic Renaissance style Palace, constructed in the XVI century, depicting a façade sculpted by the famous stone-cutter, Francisco and within is the Santa Marta Palace restaurant. Located in the main hall, its original construction of stone-cutting has been preserved, the restaurant has one of the most pleasant ambiences within the Trujillo population.  An emblematic palace of Renaissance style constructed in the XVI century with an exterior by the famous stonecutter ‘Francisco de las Casas’ (Francisco of the Houses), the restaurants Palace of Santa Marta lodges in its interior. Situated in the main room, in which its original construction of stonework has been conserved, is the restaurant, one of the most pleasant atmospheres within the area of Trujillo.
Exterior Views Parador de Trujillo, Trujillo
In the historic city of Trujillo, birthplace of explorers, this lovely hotel occupies the former convent of Santa Clara, with its atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.  Outstanding features of the interior are two beautiful cloisters: one with Renaissance arches and columns, the other bringing light into the building.  Ideal for relaxation, leisure and work, the hotel has monastic style rooms and details, spacious, quiet and pleasant lounges, noble bedrooms with wooden furniture and a bar-café next to the light-filled cloister of the Parador. The Parador offers some truly exquisite dishes: Tomato soup with cumin, truffles in scrambled eggs, grilled beef loin with Torta del Casar, and above all the Iberian hams and sausages. Be sure to try the homemade cream cheese ice cream.

Trujillo Guide

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Just a few miles from Monfragüe's National Park, Trujillo sits in a privileged location. It is merely 47 km from Cáceres, one hour by car from Guadalupe, 90 km from Mérida, Plasencia and Navalmoral de la Mata. Easy connection with Madrid is made possible by a motorway, the A-5, stretching for 250 km.

Trujillo is a town in Spain, in the Extremadura region. The origin of the town is pre-historic. It was named Troxiello, Turgalium and by other different names. The town now calls itself the "Cradle of the Conquistadores", having been the birthplace of many men who sought their fortune in the New World. Celts, Romans, Moors, and Christians have inhabited Trujillo over the centuries.

Trujillo has a castle which overlooks the town and the surrounding plains. A fortification had existed for a long time before it was occupied by the Moors. It came into Christian hands in 1233. Juan II officially made it a city in 1431.

San Martin Church, Trujillo, Near Caceres, Extremadura, Spain
San Martin Church, Trujillo, Near Caceres
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Landscape Near Trujillo, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain
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 The castle is on the top of a hill called Cabezo de Zorro (Fox's Head). The Virgin of the Victory is the patron. The Trujillian people celebrate a festival in September.

Trujillo was the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru, who has a statue on the central square. It was also the birthplace of Francisco de Orellana, Gaspar de Rodas, and of Diego Garcia de Paredes.

Visiting Trujillo

The principal monuments are: The Castle, Santiago's Church, St Mary's Church, St Francisco's Church, St' Martin Church, the Main Square and some palaces (Conquest, Orellana-Pizarro, Piedras Albas...)

Museums in Trujillo:

  • La Coria Museum, about America
  • Pizarro's House, about Francisco Pizarro
  • Museo del Traje with the fashion designer Enríque Elías' designs.
  • Wine and Cheese Museum
The tourist office is located in the Main Square.
Living in Trujillo

Trujillo's Plaza Mayor (main square) is a bustling area with cafes, restaurants, and shops. A popular festival is the Chivirí, a party celebrated on the Plaza Mayor where people from the town dance traditional dances and eat and drink.

Trujillo also has a bullring. Is used specially during Cheese Fair in May and in the Festival in September.


In the movie Gladiator, Maximus tells Marcus Aurelius of his home and farms near Trujillo, although he should have referred to it by its Roman name of Turgalium.

Storks on Tower of San Martin Church, Trujillo, Near Caceres, Extremadura, Spain
Storks on Tower of San Martin Church, Trujillo
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The College of Charleston currently sends students every Spring and Summer to Trujillo. The city offers the students a smaller and more authentic atmosphere to learn Spanish and mingle with Spanish people. Because Trujillo is situated atop a hill, watch guards could see an invading enemy's camp days ahead of arrival to the town.


Trujillo Hotels

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