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Paradores of Aragón and Aragón Pyrenees, Spain

Luxurious hotels in castles, palaces, monasteries and other historic & cultural buildings

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Aragon - TeruelClick to view map
Teruel - a city in Aragon, Spain, the capital of the province of the same name. It has a famous cathedral in the Mudéjar style. Another church, San Pedro, keeps the mummies of Isabel Segura (a rich lady) and Diego Mansilla (a poor man) whose love ended tragically. This story was subject of a book and an opera composed by Tomas Breton.  There is a very small statue of a bull, called Torico ("little bull"), located in the Carlos Castell Square (known as Torico Square).  Touristically the town and area are unknown, but well worth the visit.
Parador de Teruel, Teruel
On the outskirts of historic Teruel, the hotel is a perfect expression of the mixture of cultures and styles of this interesting and monumental city, home to some of the most representative buildings of the Mudejar style. The hotel, a mansion inspired by this style, combines a plethora of styles and lines in its construction. Marbles, tiling, ogive arches and arabesque details form part of delightful, spacious rooms in pastel tones.  There is also a large garden with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and suites appropriate for holding conventions, meetings and social events. Specialities and traditional dishes - Don’t miss the local recipes served in the Parador’s restaurant: migas a la pastora (breadcrumbs), lamb stew, soup ‘en perolico’, lovers’ sighs... cooking for the most demanding palate. 
Aragon - Teruel - AlcañizClick to view map
Parador de Alcaniz, Teruel Province
Built on the la Cumbre Cerro Pui Pinos hilltop, the 12th-13th Century castle-convent was converted to the seat of the Order of Calatrava in 1179. The Parador, which dominates the Maestrazgo landscape, has preserved the Tower of Homage, the belfry-sacristy, and the section converted into an Aragonese Palace in the 18th Century.  The interior features gothic murals, a Plateresque sepulchre and baroque façade decorated with red, ochre and green shades as well as oak beams. There is also a peaceful garden area. The hotel provides a large number of excursions and adventure sports activities. You must try the huevos a la alcañizana (Alcañiz-style egg dish), ternasco asado (young roast lamb), or the tortas de Alma y los almendrados (almond tart). Somontano and Cariñena wines are the perfect accompaniment for enjoying these culinary delights. 
Aragon - ZaragozaClick to view map
Zaragoza - one of the great monumental towns in Spain. It was founded some 2000 years ago, and the Iberians, Romans, Goths and Arabians equally left their heritage. Zaragoza includes important buildings of Spanish baroque.  Today the town is economically very active, and organizes several important international fairs.  Zaragoza is the culminant point in the valley of the river Ebro, Spain's most water-bearing river, in an impressive landscape with picturesque villages and very old traditions and popular customs.
Parador de Sos del Rey Católico, Zaragoza
Nature and history entwine in the town of Sos del Rey Católico, a protected historic and artistic site. Its medieval streets are remarkably well preserved, in a walled town with seven gates, evoking the times of kings and conquests, nobles and prosperity.  The hotel was recently restored, conserving the features of the typical Aragonese mansion. Its features include the rectangular plan tower, balconies, a gallery with wooden railings and a large garden next to the city wall. In the interior there is a stunning contrast between the Castilian style furniture and the brightly coloured fabrics of the remodel. The restaurant offers tradition and authenticity, the smells and flavours of the cooking of the Villas, the area which gives its name to the restaurant; here one can try cardoons from Muel with almonds and ham, migas (breadcrumbs) with eggs and sausage, cod ajoarriero style, the Aragonese lamb with D.O., cream cheese from Sos or almond cake. A treat for the senses, to be accompanied by one of the 100 wines in our cellar.
Aragon - Pyrenees - BielsaClick to view map
Bielsa - Situated in the Province of Huesca, in the Spanish Pyrenees, a wonderfully scenic area perfect for outdoor sports and activities.  Founded in the 10th century, Bielsa has a privileged location where the Cinca and Barrosa rivers join. This typical Aragon Pyrenees town still maintains all its most singular traditions.
Exterior Views Parador de Bielsa, Pyrenees - Bielsa
This welcoming mountain enclave is located in the eastern sloping Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. It was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and is also a renowned area for enjoying sports and outdoor activities. The fresh Pyrenean air, the clean waters of the river Cinca or the tradition of the Nuestra Señora de Pineta roman hermitage, will leave you feeling healthy, relaxed and calm.  The floors, walls, and exposed wooden beams and columns are filled with modern and accommodating furniture. Some of the bedrooms have spectacular views over this beautiful natural enclave.  We invite you to come and enjoy the best dishes of High Aragon cuisine: Cinca river trout cooked in sherry, young roast lamb, leg of wild boar, teresicas de Aragon (puff pastry dessert), and of course, the migas aragonesas (fried breadcrumbs with sausage and grapes).

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