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Description: On this private tour you will see the contrast of the Historic and Modern Valencia...more...

Valencian Community, Spain Travel & Accommodation Guide

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A Costa Blanca Holiday is Popular With Climbing Enthusiasts   by John Bakers

A Costa Blanca vacation in Spain is a sought after destination in summer or winter. For a totally unique experience, think of the option of holidaying on a typical Spanish beach where there is mountaineering, hiking, and sea kayaking tours. All are a great way to enjoy nature and relax on your vacation.

Climbing Costa Blanca Holiday 

Costa Blanca is popular with climbing enthusiasts. The favorable weather makes for a long climbing season. The Alicante province is mountainous. Limestone Mountains stretch from the seacoast inward. Costa Blanca Spain has 2500 climbing pathways.

Escorted tours are offered all over the district. The mild temperatures and reasonably priced off-season flights make these tours all the rage. There are parcels for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers. Group tours and one on one instruction are to be had for people at all levels in this endeavor.

You'll spend an average of eight hours of instruction a day on these tours. As you acquire knowledge and skill, the climbs graduate to the more difficult ones in the district. By the end of the week, you will have acquired a well-rounded basic knowledge and great climbing skills.

Numerous tour companies will supply you with all necessary equipment. If you are using one of these companies, you'll only need to bring climbing shoes. Most tour packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your accommodations. You will be given an itinerary and fact sheets about just what is built-in to the package price. One week tours are five or six days.

Other Costa Blanca Vacation Adventures

If you're attracted to something a bit less daring, yet you still want to enjoy nature, think about hiking tours. Hiking tours last a long weekend or a week in Costa Blanca. They give you an opportunity to explore nature, valleys, ruins, old farms, rock formations, and numerous sites accessible only on foot.

Hiking tours in the autumn, winter and spring are a terrific choice. These are a great choice for off-season vacations. At the time you book your trip, you'll be given an itinerary with the facts about the districts you will be seeing.

These tours generally include accommodations and meals. In addition, depending upon the tour, you might stay in one place for the duration, or stay at several locations. If you are staying in one location, you'll be transported to the start of each day's tour. Meals are included with most programs. You will need to bring comfortable clothing and walking gear.

If you want to spend your time on the water, consider a sea kayaking tour. Kayaking tours are one-hour in length so that they may be enjoyed as part of your vacation. There are one or three day such tours for the asking. The majority of these tours don't need kayaking know-how, but you must be able to swim.

The vacations we've discussed in this article are accessible year round. They include everything necessary for the tour except appropriate clothing and sunscreen. 

Costa Blanca Self-Catering Accommodation - Valencian Community Accommodation


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Latest update: October 1, 2012