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Spain Travel Guide - Balearic Islands & Canary Islands, Spain

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Andalucía - Aragon - Asturias - Balearic Islands - Canary Islands - Cantabria - Castilla y La Mancha
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Balearic Islands Guide

Your next island holiday in sunny Mallorca, Balearic Islands
There is nothing quite like an island holiday - your own spot in the sunshine, surrounded by the sparkling sea, golden sands and glorious views..,
Tradition and beauty in Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain, nestling out in the Mediterranean Sea and well known for its historic Roman and Moorish ruins, beautiful mountains and quaint inland villages, as well as the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca...
Ibiza and its night life   by Jakob Jelling
Ibiza is famous around the world due to its amazing night life, although it offers several other things as well... 
Ibiza And Formentera - A Great Place For A Yacht Charter In The Med   by D. Browall
When you are having your sailing vacation in Ibiza and Formentera, you will be filled with happiness and thrill. The two places bring different types of adventure and excitement to its visitors. For instance, the island of Ibiza is famous for its summer beach parties....
It is all in the Palma of your hand: Visiting the Capital of Majorca   by Isla Campbell
The Balearic island of Majorca is Spain's largest land-mass not connected to the mainland, with a population of almost 800,000. While officially known as Palma, its capital is also dubbed Palma de Mallorca or Ciutat de Mallorca, acting as the capital of the whole of the Balearics....
Mallorca Has Been a Holiday Hotspot for Years   by John Palma
Mallorca has estimated that over the last 100 years, nearly 180 million people have visited what is, undoubtedly, Europe's favourite island in the sun...
Mallorca — Your Spanish holiday paradise
Mallorca, sometimes called "Majorca", is one of the beautiful, sun-filled Balearic Islands, situated off the coast of Spain.  It is actually the largest island in the archipelago, which consists of Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera....
Menorca Holiday Island Has Colourful Past   by Roger Munns
The island of Menorca, also known as Minorca, has long been a favorite among holiday travelers, so much so that the island is nicknamed, 'The Holiday Island'...
The Cuisine of Menorca   by Brenda Jaaback
Blessed with outstanding weather, ringed by a stunning coastline, and dotted with hotels and villas, Menorca is understandably a superb beach holiday destination....
The Ibiza Club Scene   by John McE
Ibiza comes alive after dark. Rumor has it that the best way to find the hottest spots is to simply walk outside and follow the crowd! Ibiza is sure to have a club that suits your taste...
Top Five Attractions to Visit on Holidays in Menorca   by Brenda Jaaback
Menorca is a magical and exotic island, with towns full of Spanish vibrancy and calming shores lapped at by the endless blue of the Mediterranean...
Top 10 Things to Do in Ibiza    by Anna Bird
1) Explore .. Ibiza is an island of stunning natural beauty and whether you do it by foot, bike, horseback, jeep safari or car, you should see as much of it as you can. Discover the white island's sandy beaches, rocky coves and dramatic cliffs, thick forests, olive groves and rolling countryside....

Holiday Accommodation in the Balearic Islands


Canary Islands Guide

Beautiful Beaches of Tenerife
Tenerife is a popular holiday destination for its sun, nightlife and, of course, its beaches. So, it's important to know where the best ones are located so that you can plan your holiday perfectly. Here is a guide to Tenerife's most fabulous beaches....
5 Things You Can Do on Your Holiday to La Palma   by Jessica Nielson
There are at least five things you can do on your holiday to La Palma that are exciting and fun. One of the things to do is to visit the theme park...
The Rise and Rise of The Canary Islands
Over recent decades the tourism industry across the picturesque Canary Islands has exploded; the influx of visitors from across the whole of Europe and often further afield has been extraordinary, and what is even more remarkable is the number of returning tourists....
Caleta de Fuste Tourist Information   by Gary Marshall
Caleta de Fuste is a purpose built holiday resort on the east coast of Fuerteventura. Caleta has been expanded in recent years, with the addition of a second 18-hole golf course and a new Sheraton Hotel, although development is strictly controlled...
Corralejo Tourist Information   by Gary Marshall
Corralejo is the largest resort on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Popular with couples and families, this former fishing village is notable for its fine sandy beaches which stretch for miles along the coastline...
Costa Calma Tourist Information   by Gary Marshall
Costa Calma is situated on the east coast of Fuerteventura, around 50 miles (80km) south of the island's airport. This purpose-built resort is popular with families and couples looking for a quiet and relaxing beach holiday...
Holidays in Fuerteventura  by Monika Rajan
Fuerteventura is second major Canary Island and offers remarkable Spanish experiences, if considering it as your holiday destination.  The island has really long beaches and is known for its cuisine, natural environment and lots of striking tourist attractions....
Holiday in Las Palmas - An Exotic Vacation Haven   by Luki Johnson
Capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is an attractive holiday destination enriched with culture and heritage. From historical sites, rich architecture to exotic beaches, Las Palmas has lots of imposing activities to offer for an incredible holiday...
Life's A Beach on Lanzarote
You’re never far from a beach on the popular holiday island of Lanzarote.  Measuring just 60km by 40km Lanzarote boasts around 100 picturesque playas – making this destination a real beach lover’s paradise....
The Lunar Landscape of Lanzarote   by Rudi Van Der Zalm
It is said that Lanzarote is the most volcanic-looking of the Canary Islands. Its lunar landscape, covered in craters, canyons and valleys of solidified lava, is one of its main attractions, but not the only one...
Maspalomas Tourist Information   by Gary Marshall
Maspalomas is situated on the southern coast of the island of Gran Canaria. The resort is separated from the beach by spectacular sand dunes which cover an area of around 400 hectares. Reminiscent of the Sahara desert, these dunes provide a vivid reminder of just how close Gran Canaria is to the coast of Africa...
Morro Jable Tourist Information   by Gary Marshall
Morro Jable is a resort situated on the southern tip of Fuerteventura. The town actually consists of two parts, Jandia, which is the modern resort, and the old fishing village of Morro Jable. Both parts, which merge into one another, are together often referred to as Jandia by many travel brochures...
Spectacular Dive Sites On Lanzarote  by Helmut Mueller
To many it is unknown that Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in Europe, is mentioned to have some of the most beautiful scuba dive sites of the northern half of the hemisphere ....
Tenerife's Flora And Fauna   by Malcolm Burton
Macaronesia is the name given to the groups of Islands which scatter across the centre of the Atlantic. One such group is the Canary Islands which boasts the greatest variety of flora. Throughout the Canaries there is a mixture of endemic and cultivated plants, tropical and sub-tropical...
The 5 'Must Play' Golf Courses On Tenerife   by Rodney Ritchie
The Canary Island's top destination, Tenerife has almost year-round perfect weather for golf. There are nine courses on the island, each with its own challenges and varied topography, bearing the hallmarks of top designers such as Seve Ballesteros, Donald Steel, and Pepe Gancedo....
The El Teide Volcano Tenerife's Sleeping Giant!   by Larry Austin
Belonging to the Canary Island group, Tenerife is a unique volcanic island which is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Home to the dormant Mount El Teide volcano, this ancient island gives visitors a chance to explore the area's lunar like landscapes and experience the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it....
The Pyramids of The Canary Islands   by Allex Wilson
The Canaries, Spain that is located towards the south in proximity to the northwest coast of Africa is known for its balmy climate, year-round sunshine, diversity of landscapes, snow-covered mountains, impressive volcanoes and beautiful beaches. In fact, Tenerife, the largest island on the Canaries is a enticement for visitors but only few potential tourists to the place are aware about the six step pyramids that they can explore on the island at Guimar....
Top Attractions in Tenerife   by Dan Williams
Winter sun breaks on the island of Tenerife are enjoyed by many people, especially those seeking an escape from the harsher winter weather of northern Europe...
Want a hot summer? Head to the cool Canaries   by Andrew Regan
In Christopher Columbus's time, the Canary Islands were believed to mark the end of the world. After being conquered by the Spanish in the 15th Century, the Canaries become a popular stopping point for explorers, traders and missionaries on their way to the Americas...
What can Lanzarote offer you on your next holiday   by John Plumb
The short answer is "It can offer you anything and everything", but surely you want to know more?  ..
Where to stay in Gran Canaria
Whether you prefer to book your Gran Canaria holidays online, at the very last minute, through your own Spanish contacts or through a reputable high street travel agent such as Thomas Cook, you are still faced with a wide range of different options regarding your accommodation....

Accommodation in the Canary Islands


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